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Advantages of Brober casket linings

We have analyzed the real material and financial needs of the target customers we are aiming at, in an effort to understand what ADVANTAGES Brober can offer you to best satisfy your needs:

PROBLEM - Prices, prices, prices ...

SOLUTION - At Brober we offer you excellent value for money in all of our product lines, which we have designed with a clear price differentiation: all the articles we produce are highly competitive on the market and their quality is significantly superior in relation to the price we charge: contact us and you will be surprised. In short, in the Brober catalogue you will always find products suited to your different needs and - naturally - to those of your customers.


PROBLEM - For professionals it is very important that the adaptation of linings to the interior of caskets - also ones of different size and shapes - ALWAYS be practical and fast.

SOLUTION - We have created casket linings that differ in price range, models, colours and fabrics, but they are all made in sizes ensuring that there will always be sufficient fabric to cover the length, width and sides of the casket. In particular, in all our product lines the cardboard sides are easily adaptable to cremation caskets. Moreover, our UNIVERSAL PATENTED Platinum Line represents the ideal solution for OUTSIZE caskets.


PROBLEM - You do not have a great deal of storage space, or more simply you need to avoid being "overburdened" with stock?

SOLUTION - You can also order small quantities, so you have no obligation to purchase a single colour or a single model.


PROBLEM - Professionals often have difficulty in identifying COLOUR, PATTERN and FABRIC due to packaging that normally does not make it easy to rapidly identify these features.

SOLUTION - All Brober linings are conveniently folded and packaged in transparent bags so that the colour and other important features can be directly seen by the purchaser.


PROBLEM - Do you need any special customized features on one or more casket linings?

SOLUTION - Illustrate your problem to us in detail (eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and together we will find the most suitable custom solution.


PROBLEM - You want to be always able to satisfy demands for particular colours and have a lining available for the occasion?

SOLUTION - Cerise, red, blue, green, brown, turquoise, teal, lavender, violet, wisteria, antique pink.

And if you want a special colour, we will try to satisfy your request.


PROBLEM - Do you have to handle a special urgency?

SOLUTION - Contact us right away! (eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)